Saturday, September 06, 2008

Progress Report on my blocks

I guess I should check into a hotel more often when I want to get some stitching done. Before I left for the EGA Seminar I threaded up 20 needles with various threads. My goal was to use up all the needles before returning home. It was great motivation and I always had a block or two in my bag with the threaded needles and when I was waiting to go some where or had a few extra minutes I pulled out a block and stitched away.

I'm always looking for tips to make my like easier and more productive. Leave me a comment and share your tips with me and I'll compile them all into one post for everyone to read!

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Margaret said...

Hi, Karen. Not sure these are time savers, but they can help us to act on creative urges and have something to show for it, so here goes.

When you are inspired to bead a little design or embroider a flower or butterfly or anything that catches your fancy, find that special silk that you KNOW you will use in the near future in a larger block. Go ahead and embroider or bead your motif or your monogram on it and save it in a box labed something like "Magic Looking for a Place to Play" or a title that tells you that a beloved bit of fabric is already adorned and ready to go into a larger work of art. Someday, it might be just the little nudge your creative juices need to create a fabulous new block.

I do the same thing with whole blocks. When I have a happy grouping of fabrics that insist on playing together in a block, I go ahead and piece the block while the inspiration moves me. Store the block in a box labled "Awaiting Magic." Then, when time is short and the stitching urge is great, you can choose a favorite block and embroider a short seam or rusch a ribbon instantly.

This probably goes without saying, but always keep a sketch book handy to make notes of great stitch combinations or embroidery or beading ideas that can pop up at any moment! I saw a mailbox post the other day whose scrollwork cried "embroider me on a corner piece of fabric!"

Happy stitching!