Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008 EGA Seminar - Beading Class

This is the 4th bracelet we learned and as a bonus Deanna threw in a lesson on the two needle Peyote Stitch. LOL ... in my book that stitch alone could have been a full class!

There were 19 people in our class and I snapped this picture during a break. LOL ... some people just kept on beading. I heard the comment many times about how addictive beading can be. Several ladies went back to their room the first night and beaded. One lady finished one bracelet by the end of the second day! I for one was just too tired and couldn't think about beading after class but I did do a few stitches on my crazy quilt blocks I brought along with me.

Wednesday - today - is a day to see the city and the EGA headquarters. I'm going to run by the grocery and pick up a few supplies for the room. It gets very expensive if you have to eat out every meal. Then tomorrow I'm branching out to take a two day stump work class. I have to confess I'm a complete novice in that area also. Hopefully I'll have as much success picking up the technique as I did in the beading class. Check in later this week for part two of EGA 2008 Seminar!
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Yvonne said...

Have to admire your dedication to learning! I took one stumpwork class at Omaha, but have never used it in a project.