Wednesday, September 03, 2008

EGA Seminar Class One - Beading

I signed up for classes well over a year ago and my plan was to learn a little about the subjects before the Seminar. Well best laid plans and life got in the way and I went into my first class as a total novice. If I knew then what I know now I would have said Karen you are crazy!!! The two day class covered four beading techniques and we had three hours for each bracelet to learn the technique.

I can honestly say that Deanna Powell was a great and patient teacher. I didn't feel out of place because I was such a newbie. I just followed along at my own pace and she helped me over the few stumbling blocks that I encountered.

Above you can see a how far I got with each technique. Some were easier than others but they were all new to me so I am happy that I learned as much as I did. Next time I think I will just take a class that teaches maybe one or two techniques but this way at least I've been introduced to all four and can decide if I want to go forward with any of them. I liked all of them and plan to finish at least a couple of the bracelets ..... that is if I can remember how to do them!

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Yvonne said...

Karen, you did great! I was especially interested in seeing the spiral stitch... I've read the instructions in a book (Nancy Eha?), but never tried it. I actually liked your Right Angle Flower Stitch the best. Very intriguing.
~~Yvonne, who's making her way up the dates on your blog.