Saturday, December 22, 2007

I took a class in Tunisian Crochet this week. We learned the Tunisian simple stitch. I also found a book that shows you how to do 101 stitches and now I can't wait to buy some yarn and get to work on a afghan.

I work with the ladies who are learning how to crochet and here is the afghan that inspired us to want to learn the stitch. I have crocheted in the past so it was pretty easy for me to pick up the stitch. As a bonus one of the ladies in the group brought in knitting needles and taught me how to knit!

Tunisian crochet is different from regular crochet because you keep the loops on the needle and you don't turn your work. The results look more like knitting than crocheting. Pretty cool looking stitch! I'll show you more as I get further into my first project. I had to go out on the web to find the necessary 14" hook but with free shipping from JoAnn's I had it two days after I ordered it. Now I need to go yarn shopping!

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