Saturday, December 22, 2007

I bought two books this week and really like them. I had seen the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible before and kept meaning to find it and with luck I found a used copy on Amazon this week. It arrived and other than a small dent in the back cover it is in perfect condition. A great deal compared to the full price copy I almost bought.

I registered early for a couple of EGA classes next September at the Golden Gala conference ( I hope I got the name right). I received confirmation that I got into the Stumpwork class. I figure I better learn a little about it before the class so I can keep up! I still have 9 months to learn but you know how time flies!

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Susan said...

I have a beaten up copy of the SRE Bible, and I love it! Every time I want to do an SRE embellishment, I drag it out from under the breakfast bar and find something wonderful to do.