Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's sure is cold in our part of the county. Seems like all the snow went North of the Ohio River and all we got was an ice/slush mix. Kind of messy to drive in but no snow!

I finished my Christmas shopping this weekend and now I'm ready to pull out the wrapping paper today and finish the job.

I went to the theater this week and enjoyed the play "The Christmas Carol". My sister treated my mother and me to a delicious dinner and the play at Actors Theater. It was a festive evening and lots of fun. I have one more work related Christmas Party this week and then I can relax and enjoy a few days off for Christmas.

I decided to join in with Sharon's 2008 Take it Further Challenge next year. I've been a little worried that my shoulder was never going to get better but I finally broke down and mentioned all the problems I was having when I was at the Dr. several weeks ago. He diagnosed it as tendonitis of the rotator cuff and prescribed an anti-inflamatory drug.

LOL ... I figured it was just old age and something I was just going to have to deal with...but sure enough the medicine has helped! Everyday I seem to be able to move my shoulder without as much pain and stitching does not hurt as much. I'm also sleeping better since I don't wake up everytime I roll over onto my side! That alone is a miracle!!! I'm so glad I will be able to join in the fun of the challenge. I've been planning my travel quilt for over a year now and I plan to work on it for the challenge.

Hopefully I'll have some picture soon of a few projects I'm finishing up for Christmas.
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Susan said...

Karen, I know it's still cold, but I think I'd prefer your weather to all that snow!

Your sister did a really nice thing, and the three of you will no doubt have fond memories of that evening together for a long time to come.

Enjoy your free time, and hope you find some stitching time in there.