Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm here in Florida taking advantage of free Internet in the hotel room! What did I ever travel without my laptop. I've been able to keep up with work and that will make it much easier when I get home.

Only thing is I haven't got any pictures to show you. Tonight as I was leaving the pool area and trying to get on the elevator (there are only two) there was a hotel employee holding open the door of one of them as I approached. I thought he was waiting for me! LOL ... but he wasn't ... he apologized and said he was waiting for a dignitary. I asked who!? I figured it would be someone I didn't know. He said it was a presidential candidate! I thought yeah ... sure!

But a minute later up walks Fred Thompson - republican movie star running for president ... walks right up and shakes my hand and says hi! sorry you had to wait. Really nice guy ... I was impressed. Maybe one day I can tell you I shook the hand of the president!

I then waited for the next elevator to come and headed to my room. The end of my day in Florida. This laptop is really working out. I like it! Oh and Sharon I took your advice and got a mouse .... much better!

Talk to you guys when I get home.

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Susan said...

How amazing! Paul reads his blog all the time and is constantly forwarding things to me. He's one of two we'd be happy to see on the ticket. Paul said he was amazed that the secret service let you anywhere near.