Saturday, October 27, 2007

I was sitting at my desk this morning looking out the window and saw a lady waiting for the bus! My first thought was ... It must be cold out there! ... I guess our late summer weather means we are moving straight into winter without any fall to prepare us for the cold.

They are calling for our first freeze in the next couple of nights. Bummer! Since we finally got rain this past few days my garden was finally showing signs of color.

I think I will get dressed and go out to take a few pictures of my garden before the freeze kills all the summer color.

I've taken time this morning to catch up on my blogs and email. I see where the latest issue of CQmagonline is available for reading. I was very disappointed by the announcement that Sharon B is not coming to the states for her tour. I was looking forward to meeting her. I understand the reasons and my prayers go out to Nora and I want to thank her for all she did to get the tour organized. Maybe Sharon can come at a later date.

I plan on doing a little stitching today and now that I've installed Pacasa to my laptop and figured out how to upload pictures I will show you my progress on my latest block. I also need to start thinking about Christmas stitching ... I think I saw an article in CQmagonline ... better go back and check it out.
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