Sunday, April 19, 2009

more garden talk....

I potted up 13 pots of a variety of plants yesterday. Some are gifts for friends and others will find a home in the garden this season.

Pots of colorful plants are a great way to add color to any garden. You can move them around and change the look of the garden any time you want.

I love when I swap plants with other gardeners and one plant ends up as two! This sedum had another plant growing in the pot last year that I got in a swap. I think it grew enough this past year that I will be able to move it to another location and let it thrive on it's own!

Another great thing about swaps is getting new plants and watching them grow into their own - this is a Lilly of the valley that I received from a fellow gardener several years ago and this year it is turning into a show plant! I'll be able to divide it out next season and move it to another area of the garden.
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