Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden talk ....

Yesterday was a perfect day to work in the garden! I have two areas of my yard that I garden in. The first area seems to get more attention from me since it is right outside the door off the deck. It is more of a woodland type space and I let a lot of the plants spread out where ever they would like. It takes a lot of work to make a space look natural but oh is it worth it when everything begins to bloom.

While working in the yard several people stopped by and commented on the garden. I think people don't expect to see such a garden in the front yard of a city home ... but it's where my garden is and I enjoy working it every year! All the compliments I receive make me realize that my hard work is appreciated by many!

This space is the other side of the yard. I've decided to really make an effort to put a little structure to it this year. LOL ... I better start soon as it is really growing wild right now. There are lots of day lilies and lavender plants in this space. It just needs a little more organization to really pull it together.
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