Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fixing a problem

Here is another example of fixing up a block after it has been pieced. After taking pictures and looking at them on my computer I found the cream pieces were too 'stark' and stood out more than I liked. It is really an easy task to clip the stitches holding the fabrics together (did I mention that I hand piece my blocks - this makes it even easier to change my mind!)

As you can see from the after picture (below) just changing out the two pieces made all the difference in the world. It also helps that the second picture was taken in a well lit area without using the cameras flash. The colors shows up much better under the right lighting.

My theory on piecing is to live with a block for a few days and really look at it critically. If something does not look right it is easy to change and can make such a difference in the finished piece. Now it's back to making the changes to the other block that I wasn't satisfied with.
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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That block looks wonderful. Digital cameras really do help get a better visual on things. Sometimes when I make quilts, I look at them in a mirror, to get a different perspective, or I'll back far away to see how it's working together.

Anonymous said...

Your change made the block look SO much richer! That green was the perfect choice!