Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fixing another block

I showed you this block earlier ... the starkness of the cream pieces just didn't feel right to me. I snipped a few seams and lifted out the offending pieces and replaced them with colors I liked better.

I actually moved the green fabric closer to the center because I thought it worked better there. I added a little gold piece under it and repeated a piece I used in two other spots. They say uneven numbers work better and in this case I think "they" may be right. I then added a piece of the focus fabric (the center piece) up in the top left corner and now I really like the block even more than before.

As you can see lighting makes all the difference in taking a picture. The top block was taken in a well lit room with no flash. The new version was taken at home with less than great lighting but you get the idea. It definitely flows better now.

I hope you see that if you don't like the way a block turns out it doesn't take much effort to change it. Playing around with a block before you put all the effort into embellishing can really pay off. Learn to trust your instincts about what you like and don't like.

The motif I stared here has the markings for three 'stumpwork' flowers. LOL ... well if we wait until I get proficient at stumpwork, enough to make three flowers, this block would never be finished!!

I'm playing around with a few ideas to use instead of the flowers. Here I auditioned some of the wooden buttons I got in my last batch of buttons.

These are some tiny little buttons that I found in the bottom of the button jar. Next I think I will play around and try some silk ribbon flowers or maybe some beads .... to see what I like.

That's what I love about Crazy Quilting ... no rules ... go with the flow ... try out ideas until you find one that works! As they say on the popular show "Project Runway" - It's your block ... make it work! (well maybe they don't say it quite like that but I bet Tim would say it if he were talking to a crazy quilter!)


ladybug said...

Karen, I like those leaves.... not only the shape, but the buttonhole stitch that defines it. Hmmmmm.... buttonhole... May be why you thought about buttons!!!

Still waiting for your stumpwork.

crazyqsis said...

If you were to use buttone I like the wooden ones the size might be what does it for me.
Melisa B

Judy S. said...

Very interesting, Karen, to see the before and after on both of those blocks. Thanks for sharing your work!

Gina E. said...

Hi Karen,
I've been visiting my favourite blogs the last few nights, after an absence when I've been stitching (instead of admiring everyone else's stitching!). Your posts about CQ techniques are an inspiration to me, as I'm still very much a learner. I've only done one 12" square block (which isn't quite finished) and several fabric postcards, and I've found that just like you say - it is good to put projects down for a day or so, then have another look at them. I also hand piece my efforts - much easier to pull apart and try again!

LouAnne said...

Karen: Interesting block you have going there as usual. Being such a traditionalist, I very rarely stitch across a block like you have done. I really like the look and look forward to seeing how this block develops. I may just have to try something out of my box!

Susan said...

Karen, I love what you did there! That's a great motif, and I love the way it goes across the block.