Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Crazy Quilt

Hope you are not too bored yet with my tour of the EGA Gallery. One of the highlights of the class was a trip into the back room of the gallery. While in the room I spotted the back of a crazy quilt on a table. I quickly moved over to it to see if it really was a crazy quilt. Surprise! It was!

I asked our guide if we could see it a little better. He said yes but he couldn't open it all the way since the table was not clear and he didn't want to damage the quilt any further. They have not finished preparing it for safe storage yet.

The quilt was made in a tumbling block pattern and the little peek I got of it was not enough. I keep asking if I could see just a little more...please! :-) Unfortunately we never could get him to entirely open it up but we did get to see a little more each time we asked.

I really wish we could have seen the entire quilt. What we saw of it was beautiful. And as you can see it was never finished so we were able to see the back! Such a treat!

The motifs were beautiful! Some of the silk was deteriorating and I could have spent the entire afternoon just looking at this one quilt. Because of the damage to it I doubt it will ever be displayed in the gallery but maybe if you ever get to visit you might ask and they might just show it to you.

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Vicki W said...

That's a beautiful quilt, thans for sharing it with us!