Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2008 Garden - End of the Year

The 2008 garden season is coming to an end. I really let things go this past month as we were not getting any rain and me watering after work and when I got home from my travels just didn't keep up.

I took a few shots of this purple flower (I don't know the name) and what you can't see really well are the number of bees and butterflies hanging out on them! Even though it wasn't my best garden it still has beauty in it. Nature at it's best and worst is still pretty.

How about you? Did you have a good gardening year? Even my tomatoes didn't do as well as usual. I do have enough to put up some frozen tomato sauce that I use in my Chili ... guess you know what I will be doing today!
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Anonymous said...

What pretty purple flowers! I always think about a garden here in the summer, but then we have such pretty rotations of wildflowers all summer, that I never do.

Yvonne said...

We've been trying to catch on our gardening lately, as well. Those purple flowers are beautiful, and I do NOT know what they are. C

ome visit my blog and check out my "Mister Lincoln" rose. It's not only beautiful, but has such a heavenly scent we have to smell it every time we come home and walk into the house. We actually started feeding it with the "drippings" from our compost pile, and it's been doing well ever since.

We also have the striped liriope like you do, but never get those pretty flowers.