Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 AQS Nashville Quilt Show Trip

It was a last minute decision to go to the show this year but a good decision! I enjoyed seeing all the quilts and when I laid down the night after the show my head was swirling with ideas and colors for what I wanted to make next.

Perhaps the most important item I took on the trip was my GPS unit! It came in handy as we maneuvered the highways of Nashville.

It's only a three hour trip from Louisville (unless you get stopped on the highway because of road work). Will it never end??? But not a bad drive so I'm really disappointed this is the last year the show will be in Nashville. I heard the rumor it will return some year in the future so I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

We arrived in Nashville in the evening and checked into our hotel. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a tasty meal. After that we returned to the hotel and met up with some friends and chatted for a few hours before hitting the sack. We knew we had a long day ahead of us after all!

The next morning after breakfast we headed to the show. We were really lucky this year as one of the ladies in our group had her husband along with her. He volunteered to take us to the front door of the hotel/convention center to drop us off (we saved a lot of walking and lot's of money by not having to park at the show).

Bob was great about the entire day. He picked us up in the afternoon and took us out to lunch then took us back to the show. He also took the morning purchases back to the hotel and when we were finished for the day he came back to pick us up! Now that was service and it gave us the maximum amount of time to see everything in one day.

There were rows and rows of vendors and quilts at the show .... so much to see and do. Boy my feet were tired at the end of the day! We sat around the hotel room that night and since I had my laptop computer with me I turned the ladies on to "The Quilt Show". Alex and Ricky will be happy to know they will have a few new members soon. We watched a couple of shows and chatted the evening away. Midnight came on us before we knew it and sleeping that night was really easy.

We got up the next morning, ate breakfast said our good byes and hit the road for home about noon. Now you would think that we had shopped enough for the weekend but my traveling companion suggested we stop at Jo-Ann's on the way home! We were already on the road and had pulled into a gas station to fill up (gas was at least .50 to .60 cents cheaper here than home). So I pulled out my GPS unit and typed in Jo-Ann's and sure enough three Jo-Ann's Fabric stores came up. One was 4 miles away from where we were so I pushed the button - the directions popped up and we were on our way! See more details below of our successful shopping trip at Jo-Ann's.
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Rissa said...

Good to know the GPS came in handy, we are taking my husband's with us to Louisville. :-)