Saturday, April 12, 2008

I finished piecing my new RR block and got it off in the mail this morning. I'm heading out the door to the big conference I've been working on for months and will be tied up with for the next 5 days. After it ends my life should get back to some form of 'normal'. LOL ... what ever 'normal' is ... The conference has been in the works for so long now it almost seems to be a part of my life.

This block is really vibrant and I couldn't get a good picture this morning. The sunshine we had yesterday is gone and it has turned cloudy and cold. I will have to bundle up as I head out today. Most of the conference activities today are outdoors. It is the opening day of The Kentucky Derby Festival and one of the largest fireworks show in the world will be here in Louisville tonight. Oh the crowds! But it should be fun as there will be a lot of folks in from out of town. Gotta run for now .... I'll catch up with everyone later this week and hopefully I'll have a few pictures of the event.

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Gerry said...

How pretty. Love the colors! Can't wait to get my hands on it. LOL.