Friday, April 18, 2008

The conference was a great success but I'm glad it is over. Hopefully things will soon get back to normal around here. I took today off to catch up on house work and wouldn't you know we had an earthquake here that jarred me out of bed at 5:37 am. That's what I get for trying to sleep in!

We opened the conference with a military color guard.

There were plenty of speeches and educational opportunities...

.... and then there was dinner at Proof On Main. A fabulous restaurant in Louisville that is also an art gallery. This is a interactive picture of a couple in bed, found on the floor not the wall. The couple move around as you stand watching it. It is controlled by people using a computer. Pretty amazing stuff ... you really need to see it to believe it.

They have all kinds of art displayed on the walls in the restaurant. It also houses a really cool hotel 21c. You need to check it out if ever you are in Louisville. Oh and the food was delicious! A real treat and a great night on the town!

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