Sunday, March 16, 2008

I haven't updated you on the construction project for a while because it kind of has hit a standstill. The guys have almost finished and hopefully this week will see an end to the project.

In the meantime yesterday I painted the new wall that leads into my new walk-in closet! Today I plan to tackle the trim and the door. Since this is an old house I requested they salvage the door and trim from the old closet. They were able to do so but it is definitely in need of some work to make it look new! I can't wait to post the finished pictures.

As promised I held the drawing this morning for Nora's Birthday present(s). Throughout this remodel project I realized I have enough stash to last me a while so I drew three names out of the hat this morning. And the winners are ...... Kathy, Becky and Carol T.

Ladies if you will send me your mailing addresses I will get your packages ready and in the mail. You can send them to my email address at
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Judy Morphis said...

Karen, I know you will be happy when all the construction is finished.
I want to add again how sweet it was to have the drawing in Nora's honor.

carol t. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited. And again, Happy Birthday, Nora.

Susan said...

Your wall and door looks great, so clean and lovely.