Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a week this has been. I always love going on vacation but coming back and catching up at work takes it out of me. I come home from work exhausted and don't feel like doing a thing. Then when the weekend comes I'm so busy doing chores I don't feel like stitching. Bummer!

I've taken advantage of this weekend and the beautiful weather by working in the yard. I took out about 5 small trees - 4 to 6 feet tall that were not where I needed them. Talk about a job! I'm so sore this morning I can barely move! But the job is done for another year and I'm happy to report the yard is starting to look better. Amazing how many weeds and things can sprout in less than a month.

Here are some of the fibers I dyed in my class in Omaha. I finally took the time to sort them out and hang them up ... ready to inspire me when I can start stitching again. Speaking of which I think I will see if I can't do a little this afternoon.


Rissa said...

The photos of this and your orchid are not showing up. :-( I would love to see them!

LouAnne said...

Karen: For some strange unknown reason your blog dropped off my bloglines feed list. I've got it back on, but argh! NONE of your pictures except the last one of the orchid are showing and right clicking and choosing show picture is NOT working! Any hints?