Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a busy month this has been! I've had so much going on I haven't had time to blog much but things are slowing down a bit so I thought I'd get caught up. LOL ... of course the holidays are right around the corner but I'm going to try to keep my committments down so I have time to enjoy myself.

I've also taken the time this weekend to get back into my studio and in the process of cleaning and straightening up the stacks of fabric I decided to run a sale on my fabric packs. I've posted pictures of some of the fabric squares I have available to give you a sample of colors and style. The packs I have put together have 12 - eight inch squares in them and are $5.00 a piece plus postage.

Please email me if you are interested at Be sure to let me know what your favorite colors are, your zip code, and how many packages you would like. I will ship international if anyone is interested.

For now it's back to stitching and enjoying my weekend.

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