Sunday, October 22, 2006

I thought I'd catch up with my blogging this morning and post a picture of my first Christmas Project. This is going to be an eyeglass case. I started it yesterday and hope to finish it today.

I've been really bad about blogging my walking results and that's because I found out I don't like to walk in the cold! LOL ... I guess I'm a fair weather walker. I also miss my pedometer and have decided to buy another to replace the one I broke.

It seems to motivate me and I guess I need that extra push because I haven't done well the last few weeks. I have been going to the pool three times a week so I haven't totally been bad!

My total weight lose is hanging around 5 pounds so I guess I need to add something to the routine to go to the next level. No excuses it's back to serious work this week. Oh and I guess eating a little less wouldn't hurt either. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

What a great gift idea and sew pretty! I walk inside using a Leslie Sansone walking DVD and another by Denise Austin. Always the perfect climate!