Monday, September 04, 2006

I took it easy this week ... I guess you have to every now and then! I only walked 57,084 steps and since the pool was closed I didn't get to swim. Oh well, hopefully I'll get back into the 'swing' of things this week and step a few more steps and I'm glad the pool reopens so I have no excuses not to swim!

Now it's back to work on a few hearts and I need to finish up the last of the White on White RR blocks. I can't wait until mine gets home!


sharonb said...

Congrats on the 57,000 odd steps - I bet it is more than if you had not been wearing the pedometer. To be honest I am happy with anything over 50,000. I like it that I am generally more active - and I am sure you are too

Rissa said...

I think it is great! :-) I have not been swimming in a few weeks, even though the kids should be gone.