Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christmas Quilt Blocks

I started piecing 12 blocks for my Christmas project a few months ago. I finished piecing them and now I'm ready to embellish the blocks. I got started working the pile - the process of doing a little work on each block - at the St. Louis retreat. It doesn't look like I got very far with my embellishing but I did get a lot of seams started.

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Lisa Caryl said...

These are beautiful Karen! I don't remember getting to see them in St. Louis. So glad you took the time to post them, and I hope you'll post your progress as you work.

Shanna Brooks said...

It is looking beautiful. I would love to see the finished project. I just discovered Crazy Quilting and would love to learn more.
I would love for you to follow me and come see my first project when it is complete.

Cathy K said...

Karen, your blocks are lovely, and I know you’ll do a fantastic job dressing them up. Can’t wait to watch them progress. So glad you all had fun in St. Louis - I was jealously thinking of you all!! Maybe next year.... Hugs, Cathy

FredaB said...

Karen I like the santa blocks. They are really pieced nicely.

Also the two above are very pretty.

I enjoyed seeing all of you in St. Louis and hope to see you again next year.