Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yes I'm still here! The last few weeks have been so busy I have not stopped long enough to post any pictures. The garden has required a lot of work as the season winds down. I picked another 100 plus tomato's this past week and still need to put them up for the winter. I've been cutting up peppers as fast as I pick them and freezing them so I should have some good Chili this winter.

And then there is this need to organize and clean that came over me a few weeks ago. It started with the desire to clean out the bathroom closest - which lead to painting the shelves and door of the closet. Then I had to put every thing back - which required a trip to the store to pick up some baskets to organize the make-up and lotions and well you get the picture.

I have also been working on my blocks for the CQ 2012 project. Of the blocks I've pieced I just did not like some of the pieces - the colors were off just slightly so I unstitched them and picked out the pieces I did not like and replaced them. Now they look much better and I'm ready to piece more. This should be a good winter project once all the blocks are pieced I will be able to carry them with me for the finishing work.

That about does it for me. I'm still in the organizing mode and has plans for the next couple of weekends but at least I'll be ready for stitching when I'm finished.

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ladybug43 said...

Glad to see you back! I, too, have been organizing, although it's still not "perfect." I needed to get CQ clutter out of our den, and found a unique solution which would not have happened without the frustration.

Still more to do, but feels good. I love the colors you have on these two blocks. They're not colors I would choose, so admire your ability to make that beautiful combination.

FredaB said...

Hi Karen

I like your colour choice in your squares. Very pretty.

Who is going to eat all those tomatoes? It would be wonderful to have them bt in our shady garden there is just not enough sun. I love rhubarb and went so far this year to buy a rhubarb plant at the garden club sale and lugged it over to my daughters house and planted it there. Hopefully I will have rhubarb next year.