Saturday, June 27, 2009

Retreat Motivation

While at the retreat a few weeks ago I pulled out my blocks and started stitching on them again. I am not a encruster by nature (this is a person who covers the block to the point that you can barely see the fabric) but having done a few Round Robins with some that are I find myself drifting toward more is better!

I'll probably never be a total encruster because I really like seeing the fabric ... that is part of the beauty of the block, but there is beauty in encrusting also. So along a lot of my seams I'm adding more buttons, beads and trim. Someday they will be finished and made into wall hangings.

The retreat had plenty of space and I enjoyed the lovely outdoor peace and quiet.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, What a craft room!!!! I want me one of those lol Maybe one day lol To many kids still live at home. I want to see that pink block when you get done with it . It looks beautiful already VBH Debby L