Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I almost didn't blog this picture but decided to because it does show a little sign of spring in the lower right corner! You can also see the piece of wood in the left hand corner, the piece of wood left over from the messy storm repairs we have had this winter.

I'm ready for a couple of warm days so I can get out in the yard and do some yard work.

But while I've been couped up this weekend I started doing some spring cleaning. First thing I tackled was the file cabinets and this past years accumulation of paper. LOL ... this is always a chore I complete after filing my taxes. I got a big jump on the job yesterday and will get more done today. Oh and I cleaned off my desk while I was at it.

Next on my list was my computer. I had so many pictures on it from the past year that I bought a flash drive and transferred the pictures over to it. Then I deleted them off my hard drive and did the disk defragger and a few other clean up programs. Took hours to do last night but hopefully it will run smoother now.

So there you have it ... all those chores that you put off until you can't stand it any longer plus a cold dreary weekend = a smooth running computer.
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