Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last day of vacation!

A friend of mine gave me this sweater she didn't wear - it still had the tags on it! She didn't like it and it didn't fit me so I started removing these great little buttons from it! They are so cute and will make great embellishments on my next block. They are tiny mother of pearl buttons with a single hole, held on by a seed bead. I'll be sharing some with each mini fabric pack order I receive this weekend. It's not too late to get in on the drawing for The Quilt Show Gift Certificate.

I've spent so much of the last seven weeks struggling with illness. I ended up going back to the Doctor this week (that's four visits in under two months) and started all over with the prescriptions because the Doctor said I still had a major infection in my sinuses. I hated the steroids that I had to take. I don't understand why anyone would take these for any reason other than absolutely having to for medical reasons.

But I do think this round of drugs seems to be working. I can go for hours now without coughing and that is saying a lot! I actually started taking down my Christmas Trees this morning and doing a little straightening around here. I will try not to nap too much today because my sleeping habits are a wreck. I'll never get up for work in the morning if I don't stay up today! LOL ... can you tell I'm really tired of feeling bad.

I think I will even do a little stitching today. Yippee! I haven't done any for weeks and that really does mean I must be feeling better.
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Karrin Hurd said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon Karen!

Judy S. said...

Gosh, Karen, I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling better. Let's hope this round of meds does the trick! BTW, very cool little buttons you salvaged!

Cathy K said...

Karen, I didn't know until recently that you were "under the weather". Hope you're feeling better real soon. We'll be in the Hearts II RR together at CQI; that should be fun! BTW, I LOVE the needlebook you made for your SS, Kerry. Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that the new meds are making a difference!