Sunday, January 18, 2009

I joined Facebook

If you are reading my blog on my actual blog and not through a RSS feed you will see my new Facebook Badge. I joined Facebook this week just to see what it is all about. I already have a few friends and can always use more so click on the badge and join me on Facebook if you want. I'm going to add some pics later today so my page won't be so bare!

I thought I'd show you a couple more books I picked up over Christmas. I seem to always buy as much for myself as I do for others when I'm doing my Christmas shopping. Neither of these books are Crazy Quilting books but they looked interesting and I have been thinking of making an actual quilt so I thought this Shortcut book might be a good starting point.

I also started crocheting again so I picked up this book of tips. I haven't had a chance to really get into either book yet but maybe this weekend when I'm finished with my chores I will have time to read them.
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Willa said...

I joined Facebook a while back for work. Found a lot of high school classmates on there as well as a couple of crazy friends including YOU. I also joined a group of quilters on their just to see what they are talking about. Not much action though.