Sunday, November 09, 2008

Seam work

I'm once again suffering from two ear infections and this time decided not to wait so long to go to the doctor. I was glad I had my pile of blocks all ready to go since I knew I would be waiting in the Dr's office. I decided I better get started on Dee's block first since I need to get if finished and in the mail to Kate. (Note to self: I need to find out the deadline for mailing.)

While waiting I finished the first seam and started on the second ... not bad for wasted down time.

Oh and yes I have an infection and have started on Medication. I wanted to make sure I wasn't feeling poorly this week since I'm taking off work for the EGA Extended Study Stumpwork Class ... more about that later this week. I'm getting my supply list together today.
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Judy S. said...

Feel better soon, Karen, ear infections are NO fun!

Susan said...

What a pretty seam it is, too! Glad you got started on meds right away. You should be good to go for the class.

Gina E. said...

Ooooh those colors are absolutely stunning! I get lots of stitching done in doctors waiting rooms!
Hope your ears have cleared up by now - ear infections are NOT good.

GailM. said...

Karen, I got your prize package. Many thanks, it was so exciting. I've used some of the buttons already and I'm going to make a Christmas sock project out of this. All the fabrics and trimms and buttons go so nicely together. Many thanks.