Thursday, November 13, 2008

EGA Stumpwork Class

Reporting to you this week from The EGA Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky!

I just completed the first day of a four day extended study course on Raised Embroidery with Marsha Papay-Gomola. What a great learning experience! I'm pretty new to stumpwork embroidery so it has been great to learn in this type of environment. Of course there are those in the class that are already experts but that is ok with me. I'm just sitting there soaking it all in!

Tonight for homework I think I will attempt to unstitch a few sections from what I started today and see if I can't improve on it. LOL ... I know I can because it really isn't very good! ;-)

Our morning session started out in the gallery where we examined pieces on display. We have discussed color theory, design, shading, padding and so much more.

This piece by Katy McRoberts is really interesting. Amazing what you will find if you look real close at it.

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Jo in NZ said...

That first one is all done with human hair?? Great!

Susan said...

Hair and teeth? I'll have to go digging in my jewelry box when we are someday in the same place. I think I have one of my son's baby teeth. LOL

Very different sort of thing.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Well, I like the second one better! lol The first one is human hair? Interesting - I have seen one piece of "mourning embroidery" where it was a floral piece done with the deceased's hair - very dimensional.

They are both very interesting though - thanks for sharing the pictures!