Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is in the air ....

Yesterday I had a programmable thermostat installed in the house. It is suppose to save me money if I use it correctly. So far this season I have not turned on the heat ... this morning it was 58 degrees when I woke up ... a little chilly but no need to turn on the furnace yet! I see it is up to 60 degrees now! Comfortable if you are moving around doing chores.

But it did put me in the mood to fix a pot of chili! I had to modify my recipe a tad since I lost all my frozen tomato sauce when we lost our electric for five days. I hated throwing it all out but it couldn't be avoided. Most of the city was without electric ... and I had no way to keep things frozen. Today I will see what I can do with store bought tomato's! It sure looks good and the smell is tempting me to try it!

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Anonymous said...

58 is the same as freezing to me! My heater is set to come on at 60 overnight, but I jump back in bed after upping it to 72, if it's cold in the morning. Right now, it isn't cold. We are even contemplating going over to the pool in a bit.