Sunday, October 05, 2008


Did you miss me? LOL ... I took a little blogging break without meaning to! But I'm back and I thought I'd show you what I've been working on. This is one of the bracelets I started in class a few weeks ago. I finally had some time to spare this weekend and I pulled all my class projects out to work on one of them.

Of course I had forgotten everything I learned so I had to study the pattern again and decided to start from scratch and look at it! I'm almost finished ... only about an inch left to do on this one.

I really wanted to start on one of the other ones but to my dismay I could not find the needle that came in the kit. All the bracelets but one could be made using a #10 beading needle and there was a full package of those in the kit. But one bracelet used such small beads that it needed a smaller needle ... a #11 or even a #12.

I think!!! - one of you may be able to help me with this. The larger the number the smaller the needle - am I correct? There was only one of those in the kit and I must have mixed it in with all my many needles and yesterday for the life of me I could not find it. I need to do some shopping online before I can finish the bracelet. Anyone have a hint on where to buy beading needles? Any brand better than another?

I'm going to finish this piece this morning and see if I can work on another one. I hope to finish at least a couple before I hop back to another project.

I'm loving this fall weather! The change of seasons ... the cool mornings and hot days. I know it means more work in the garden but that is ok. This has not been one of my 'better' gardening seasons. We still have not had rain .... I think we may have had 1/2 inch in the last four months. It is not a good thing .... Hopefully next year will be better.
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Yvonne said...

Karen, the numbers on needles DO get bigger as they get smaller.

However, I tried to find out another needle you could use (I was thinking that someone recommended a "straw needle") but couldn't find a book that confirmed that. Most of my books on beadwork are for working on fabric.

Your bracelet is beautiful; that kind of class is in my future!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Karen, the bracelet looks great! I've had good luck finding the tiny ones that work for the Delica beads by just going to one of the fabric stores. I can usually find mixed packages of sizes, at least. You might call around if there are any needlework stores and see if they have them, too.

morvoren said...

Hi Karen,
Fron one beader to another...yes size 13 are the thinest needle.

I also liked the look of your fabric packs on the website from CQI members shops but could not find a place to ask if you send to UK and the costs of the packages for fabrics.
I hope you can maybe see my email from this posting and able to contact me?
Thanks from Pam