Monday, August 11, 2008

Definition of a Blog

I was reading an interesting post on the 'DailyBlogTips' blog about blogs - are they a thing of the past or are they here to stay? My opinion is yes they will be around for a long time to come or until something better comes along. If for no other reason then blogs are easy to use and update.

Of course if you just read my previous post about figuring out a formatting question I might not think they are that easy! But even I, who has little experience with blog formatting, was able to figure out the answer without too much effort so yes I still think blogs are easy to use and easy to figure out.

The author discusses his definition of a blog and asked the readers to post their definition of a blog on their own blog so here goes mine ....

My blog is a chronological log or online diary of my life. Because blogs are easy to update and a great reference of what I have accomplished I tend to keep up with it a lot more than I did my website. Since a blog often reflects the personality of the author it is also a great way to get to know people who share the same interest as I do.

What about you ... do most of you blog and do you think blogs are around to stay?


Candi said...

I think you're right, blogs are around to stay for quite some time.

Susan said...

I'm thinking that they are around to stay until something that serves the same purpose comes along. Personal blogs, for sure, will last a while. It is an easy place for one to share with family and friends.

Business blogs just seem to be getting going well. As long as businesses see a return for the effort, they will be around.

Information sharing is a third purpose for a blog. As long as the mainstream media are not going to tell all the truth, or sometimes any of it, then news blogs will be around to do so.

Blogs are, by far, one of the easiest ways to be interactive with whomever one perceives the audience to be. Until another way comes along to do that, we'll all be here blogging. =)

Gina E. said...

Blogs serve so many purposes! Keeping in touch with friends and family, communicating with like-minded people around the world, sharing information, the list goes on. They can be whatever the Blogger wants them to be. I think once you find your own space and settle into it, you find and attract others with the same interests. I just LOVE the Internet - something I would never have said ten years ago!