Monday, July 14, 2008

Every year the work of many artist can be seen at the retreat. And one of the amazing things to see is the way other people actually finish their projects! LOL ... unlike my pile of UFO's, I really get inspired to actually go home and complete some of them after being around these amazing ladies!

Here is a box completed by Lisa Caryl. It was beautiful and I enjoyed looking at it for the longest time!

This is the view out my room looking down to the lobby and the restaurant where we had breakfast each morning!

Below is the view of the display of quilts that Nancy Kirk arranged for us to enjoy this year ... they hang in the area outside of our classrooms each day for everyone to enjoy. I know it is a lot of work to put together this retreat and Nancy and her staff do a great job.

Back to the prom dress swap ... Mary Anne and Lisa (maker of the box above) snip off a few pieces of goodies to add to their stash, and in the back ground is Dee from the Netherlands with her husband looking on! Dee's husband was the greatest as he went along with Dee to every event and helped out whenever he could. I'm so glad Dee got to make it to the retreat this year!

I just wish I would have had more time to visit with everyone but alas the days are full of events and classes and the evening are filled with eating, shopping, and events so I ran out of time to meet everyone. But there is always next year ....

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Susan said...

Love Lisa's box! Thanks for the pics of the environment!