Sunday, May 25, 2008

I think I've told you before I live in the city. I love to garden so years ago I decided to put a garden in my front yard because I don't have a backyard. Many buses and cars pass by every day but I like to pretend I'm out in the country. Every year I work hard to get the garden in order for the summer...most of my plants are perennials and I add a few annuals for color. I call it square inch gardening.

One thing that keeps me doing it each year are the great people who stop by to tell me how much they appreciate my garden. Yesterday a gentleman walking his dog stopped and told me how he had moved into the neighborhood 7 years ago. He said he walked his dog each day and always came by my house to see what was in bloom each week. He called it a little oasis in the city. Made me feel good to know that people really do appreciate the effort I put into my yard each year.

Of course it really is my escape from the daily grind and I too love to see what comes into bloom each week .... I'll probably never have a bigger space to garden in but that doesn't matter because all it takes is a little dirt and a few plants ... and I am happy.

... oh and did I mention I love to collect frogs...they are tucked into spaces all over the garden ....

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Judy S. said...

Hi Karen, Nice blocks and pretty garden! I think your mystery plant may be least we have something similar that has small pink flowers and the same type of leaf. It has quite a pungent odor also.