Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finally my March TIF Challenge block is pieced and ready to stitch on. I'm not use to using such dark colors so this will really be a challenge to embellish. I can see from the picture, the gold piece in the middle, really sticks out from the rest of the block. I'm thinking this will be a good place for a lace motif. I guess I will be digging in my motif bin tonight!

Now I need to study the April colors and piece that block before the month gets away from me.

Work continues on the house as I attempt to pull it all together. It seems to be one step forward and two steps back! I had a disaster after re-connecting the washer hoses yesterday. One of the end connectors started leaking during the night and I awoke to a soggy wet brand new carpet! I can only say I was one bummed out chick!

I spent hours today suctioning water out of the carpet and cleaning up the mess. That puts me way behind on the rest of the house. My goal was to be pretty much back to normal sometime this week so I could begin to plan the Birthday Party for my parents. I volunteered to have the party at my house since I thought it would be nice and neat and finished. That's what I get for planning too far ahead! Wish me luck because I may just need it!
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Kathy said...

Oh my, sorry to read about the washer disaster. Hope things are drying out for you and your birthday party goes well.