Saturday, March 29, 2008

I took this picture this morning ... there is hope ... Spring is going to come .... I just know it will! It has been raining here for what seems like a month now and before that snow. It is cold today but at least there is a hint of color in the garden. The rains are coming back tonight and the forecast says the next seven days will be overcast and rainy. Oh well one can wish for a beautiful garden this year since the drought seems to be over for now.
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Kathy said...

Nice to see some flowers, I have just a little green showing of my tulips. Also love the work you have done on your needlebook.

Judy S. said...

Hi Karen,

We had 4 inches of snow Saturday weird for this late in March and the first time since we moved here 30+ years ago! It's nice to know someone at least has weather that seems to be behaving... Thankfully, the snow is about gone this morning!