Sunday, February 10, 2008

One of the reasons I've had so much trouble organizing my sewing room was because of this leak in the ceiling. I've had it worked on several times in the past couple of years but it still leaked a little. Not near as bad as it did in the beginning but still a small leak. I did not want to fix the inside with out being sure I had the leak stopped.

The water would run down the ceiling and settle in this area and then ran down the wall. It was really annoying and I think it is the main reason I could not finish the big clean up project. I just didn't have the heart to look at the damage and still feel creative in the room.

I'm sure you are wondering why I bring this up now! Well I think I found the guys to fix it. They have been here twice and after going up on the roof they are pretty sure they know where the water is still coming in. While they were here I also talked to them about my wish list for several projects I've been thinking about for a long time, and after much discussion I have hired them to do some projects around the house. The first one is to fix the leak. Then after they are sure it is fixed, they will repair the wall and ceiling.

Next I want floor to ceiling bookshelves built on this back wall. They will do this as soon as they fix the leak ... then after they make sure it is not leaking any more they will repair the water damage!!! Yahoo ... you can only imagine how long I have wanted to find the right people to do this work.
So the big clean up began this morning. I have to move as much stuff out as I can ... actually everything must go some where else. Usually this would mean just moving it to another room, but this time I'm also having them do some work in the other rooms. LOL ... I have a feeling I'll be blogging about this job for a while to come. I'm just so excited to have found someone I trust to do what I want done for a reasonable price.
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Pat Winter said...

Karen, this is wonderful news. I do know how you feel getting the "right" people for the job. Now you can look forward to the studio you wanted and feel newly inspired to continue your beautiful work. Hey! You didn't get the fancy fabs wet did you? LOL...only kidding.

Susan said...

How fabulous that you finally found someone really competent and trustworthy! They are probably thrilled to have the projects, too. I know that when we wanted to remodel our house, it was hard to get someone to even come out and look, because they had so much work. We wound up with Paul being the contractor himself. Now, I think it would be totally different!