Saturday, February 02, 2008

I really meant to finish my January TIF Challenge Block but I found myself crocheting more than stitching this past month. I also did some un-stitching on the block because I just didn't like what I had done. It took me a week to figure out I didn't like a couple of the seams and once I figured that out I felt much better about the block. My plan for this month is to finish both my January and February Block. No really .... that is the plan!!

As you can see my Tunisian Crocheted Afghan is coming along slow but sure. It takes a lot longer than regular crocheting to accomplish much but it looks good so I'm set to finish it this winter!

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Susan said...

is what you call the tunisan stitch also called the afghan stitch? they look much the same and are done on that loong hook. I make an afghan of this stitch long ago, and my grandmother made me a yellow and white afghan done this way when I was a child, she is the one who taught me this crochet stitch...
I am watching for your progress on this..

Susan said...

I don't know what you took out, but what you left on is just gorgeous! There's not that much more to do. I'm sure you can get both blocks done!