Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've joined in with Sharon's "Take It Further Challenge" for 2008. I'm going to make a block a month using the colors she post. I started pulling out fabrics this morning for the first block. The colors are pretty close to the one's Sharon posted. I will have to work of getting a better picture so you can see them.

This week I also took another crochet class. We learned how to make these flowers. It was a break through for me as I've never crocheted a 3-dimension item before. Now I'm going to toss them in the washer and see how well they felt. If anyone has any felting tips please leave me a comment. Or if you know of any links talking about felting I'd love to know about them!

The weather this week has been cold and we had a little snow. Not anything like the rest of the country but if anyone was wondering if we are having winter weather there is no doubt now!

Update on the organization of my sewing room. It's actually coming along great. I had to find something this week and I was able to walk all around the room with out stepping over piles. Granted it has a long way to go but it took 3 years to get this way so it will take a little time to get complete control over it. See how many blouses I need to iron? LOL ... my rack I use to hang my dyeing on came in handy this week. It usually is in the way when not in use but now it has a second purpose ... a clothes rack!

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crazyqsis said...

I have felted before. I suggest that you put your items in a zippered cloth bag like a pillow case before you put them in the washer. especially if you are felting alot. The fibers thatcome out of the item make on h377 of a mess in your washer.

Susan said...

I know there are quite a few blogs out there for felting. I know Ati ( did quite a bit a while back. Nuvofelt ( had a lot of info, and maybe even better, she belongs to a webring of felters - logo on her sidebar.

Karen said...

Thanks for the tips. I've got them in a pillowcase and they are in the washer right now. I assume I should dry them in the dryer?

crazyqsis said...

I have only felted mits and those I air dried 'cause I did not want them to shrink more. I think if you dry things in a dryer you have no control over the size they will turn out. That is probably ok for flowers but not so for mitts or sock booties.

LouAnne said...

Karen: Did you keep on doing Sharon's TIF challenge monthly? I got all 12 blocks pieced, but life started getting in the way and a bit of August needs to be embellished and then I need to finish up Sept, Oct, Nov & December. I learned a LOT about color with this challenge. I have new color confidence for sure!