Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I was reading my latest newsletter from The Quilt Show.

I've sent you to this link a few times before because they have some interesting stuff there. But now they have me hooked! And as soon as I pay off my Christmas Credit Card bill I'm joining up for the year.

They just announced .....

Judith Baker Montano
Series 2 is airing January 7, 2008 and we are pleased to announce that for Episode 201 we are featuring Judith Baker Montano. Judith, known world-wide for her incredible crazy quilting, shows how to create your own one of a kind scene using thread, silk ribbon, and bits of fabric. She even tries to get Ricky to make a ribbon flower. Also included is a personal tour of Judith's English cottage garden in the heart of La Veta, Colorado.

The cost of the membership is less than what I would pay to take a class from Judith and they do a great job with the 'shows' so sign me up! If you haven't checked out one of the shows to get an idea of what they offer be sure to do so now. You can watch one of the previous shows for free to get an idea of how the format works. I for one was impressed!

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