Sunday, January 13, 2008

As my cleaning continues I came across this unfinished batch of blocks in a box of fabric scraps from my grandmother. I know my grandmother made mostly traditional quilts and she did complete one "almost" crazy quilt that I have blogged about before. She must have started this one to use up some scraps.

There is no backing on any of the blocks ... I've found eleven blocks so far (wonder where number 12 is?) Each block is 15 inches by 14 inches. I'm not sure if I will tackle finishing this project or not. It is a look back in history of fabrics as I figure they are mostly from the 60's and possibly the 70's. Interesting look into someone elses scrap bag!

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Susan said...

Just goes to show you that we aren't the only ones with UFOs. =) That red print with the tiny flowers is very reminiscent of a print Concord put out in the early to mid-70s.