Friday, August 03, 2007

I know you have heard it before and that's ok because it is worth repeating! Crazy Quilters are the best people to meet! We have an immediate connection which is hard to describe to the 'rest' of the world!

My day with Pam Kellogg of Kitty and me Designs was great! Our shopping and site seeing was too much fun! We started our day with a trip to the Louisville International Airport so she could see 'the quilt'. I have blogged about it before and will probably do it again because it is such a great quilt! Can you tell from the above picture that she liked it!

From there we headed to Baer's Fabric Store in downtown Louisville. What fun it was to wander all three floors of the store with someone who hadn't been there before. I think sometimes I take it for granted that everyone has a store like this in there town. But Pam assures me this is not true. I think she enjoyed herself and found a few good bargains.

After hours of shopping we stopped by my house so I could show her the Katrina Quilt that many of us worked on with Sharon B. We divided up some of our purchases and headed out for a tour of the local neighborhoods and a trip to the beading store. It may of been a hot day here but we were having fun.

I can only say if you have the opportunity to meet up with a fellow crazy quilter you only know from the internet and their blog .... go for it! You won't be disappointed!

Pam and I hit it off and had a great time. She gifted me with one of her cell phone pouches which I showed off to everyone at work today and they were really impressed. Their first question was ... 'and you have never met her before?'... LOL ... I just laughed and said 'well no, not in person, but I follow her life on her blog and I feel like I've known her for years!' Of course someone said "Blog .... what's a blog?"

So if anyone is going to be in Louisville in the future be sure to let me know and I'll take you for your own tour of our great town!

Oh and did I mention Vera Ellen of Indiana will be coming down to Louisville tomorrow and we are starting our day off at Baer's and will head out to my house afterwards for some stitching and fun! We too met on the 'net'. A report of our visit will follow.....
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Pat Winter said...

What fun it is to meet a fellow CQer. One day I am sure to meet you,Pam, and dear Vanessa. Thanks for sharing your fun adventures.

Rissa said...

Oh, I am so glad you all had fun...wish I could have been there!

Karen said...

Oh Pat I can't wait until we meet up! I feel like I we are already friends and it will be just a matter of time before our paths cross.

Rissa I thought about you as we were shopping! Hope you make it back to Louisville again soon.

Vivienne said...

Hi Karen,
Love you crazy quilting blog. Thankyou for leaving a comment on mine. I'm going to add you as a favourite blog contact.
Bye, Viv in Perth, Western Australia