Thursday, June 14, 2007

I started this row of stitching with the herringbone stitch and then stopped to read a few blogs and noted Sharon's TAST stitch that week was called the wheatear. I have never tried it but decided it looked interesting. According to Sharon the " Wheatear stitch is a great stitch to explore and interpret in all sorts ways. It consists of two straight stitches worked on the diagonal with a chain looped through the base."

Then as I was reading a few more blogs I came upon Elizabeth's version. Still a little different but very interesting. At that point I went back to my block and thought about what to do next with the herringbone stitch I had started and a light went off in my head! Why not try a variation of both Sharon's and Elizabeth's stitch.

I really like the look of this seam and will be using it again. I love when a new stitch comes to life!
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Susan said...

Karen, I love how you combined the wheatear and the herringbone stitch. Interesting beads, too!