Saturday, May 12, 2007

Allie asked to see a picture of my pick up truck! LOL ... I've had it since 1995 and still love driving it. When people first find out I drive a pick up they seem surprised ... after they get to know me they understand. How can a gardener live without one?!
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Pat Winter said...

Karen, I agree! My DH has a truck for big things, but I have a Honda 4 wheel drive CRV for plants,yard sale finds, etc. No cars for me!!!! Unless it is a small Aqua convertible......????

Rissa said...

I miss my old truck...but my old station wagon works well too. LOL

LouAnne said...

Karen: I just somehow KNEW your truck was Red! LOL I use my van like a truck for gardening because our truck is always with G at the golf course! But then my van holds more for hauling all the stuff *I* have accumulated to my kids in TX and Atlanta.