Saturday, March 17, 2007

The weather is just beginning to warm up this year and as much as I've wanted to get out in the yard and clean up, it has just been too cold! I don't think we had global warming this year. See the pictures below of my is calling me out to play in it but not yet! Maybe next week!

In the mean time I'm hanging out indoors and thinking about spring cleaning. On one of the list I'm on several ladies are packing up and moving. They have been talking about throwing out things and divesting themselves of their stuff! LOL...I can't even imagine where I would begin.

I have so many collections I have gathered over the years ... here is a picture of one ... some of my salt and pepper shakers. It is amazing how much we 'collect' and save ... it's all around me .... and did you notice the frogs in my garden. They really stand out in the winter and spring before the plants come out and they have a place to hide.

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Susan said...

I love the shape of the cut-glass shakers.