Saturday, December 16, 2006

The last couple of weeks my life has been focused on one event and I've had little spare time to do anything but pack up my office for a move to another part of town. I come home at night so tired I can't even think about stitching but that is all about to change.

Here is the view from my office on my last day ... the sun is coming up over the city and I can see for miles! My new office unfortunately is going to be a modified space with no windows! Oh boy am I spoiled by the view I've had this past 4 years.  Posted by Picasa


Susan said...

If it has no window, then I hope it's at least twice as big, so you can hang a quilt or a huge beautiful picture on the wall!

Shelina said...

Beautiful view and a beautiful sunrise. I too hope you have lots of space to properly decorate your new office - get some ott lights for that sunshine experience.