Friday, October 06, 2006

I've been tagged! LOL ... I thought about this a lot because I think I'm about as 'normal' as the next guy and after reading all the other blogs I could pick and choose 5 different things already listed and they fit me to a tee.

1. I too hate having my feet covered in least one is always sticking out to the side.

2. I have to have a ceiling fan going when I first go to bed. Now I may wake up freezing to death and turn it off sometime during the night but when I first go to bed it must be on.

3. and speaking of beds ... or more to the point pillows ... I have 5 pillows on my bed and I'm always switching them out looking for just the right pillow. I like them not to hard and definitely not too soft. If I ever again find the perfect pillow I'm buying up the entire lot!

4. I love being single! I have friends that think being in a messy couple situation is better than being alone but I don't agree. I like my own company as much as I like being in a crowd. There is nothing better than coming home to a nice quiet house after spending time on the road or in a crowd.

5. I love to buy fabrics and other goodies for my crazy quilting. Now I know most of you that read my blog would agree but my non-crazy friends look at me really strange when they see my stash. They think I'm out of control! I just laugh because I know I'm really normal and you guys would understand. They are the one's that are weird!

I also don't think I can tag 5 more people because I think everyone has been tagged. But if you are reading this and haven't been tagged consider this an invitation to tell us about yourself on your blog.


seoulsisterstevens said...

Have you tried those foam pillows? I think they are called miracle foam or something like that. They have them at the malls at the bed stores and also at chain stores.

I could never find the right pillow and it affected my sleep for so long..... years. I found a foam pillow and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. It is absolutely perfect. It isn't too fluffy. It forms to the shape of my head. I can use it on my side, on my stomach or on my back. The only downfall is that it doesn't look pretty on the bed since they are considerably smaller.

You might like it.

Karen said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I bought a foam pillow a couple of weeks ago but I don't think it is the type you are talking about. But I will keep looking!


Rissa said...

I take my own pillow with me where ever I go. I have an affinity for eider down pillows and comforters, the whole princess and the pea thing. The last time I bought them, I got lucky, they were doing some insane all pillows for $10 at Macy's a decade ago and I bought every one they had in stock. LOL