Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's been a great mail week this week as I received 5 hearts in the mail from all around the world. I will post some pictures later of these hearts.

Also started an online class with Sharron B. being taught at . I love her encrusted look and decided to see what I can learn from her. Today I played around with a couple of different color combinations. I decided to go with a color combo that is totally out of my comfort zone.

Below is the first effort. I pieced the block and put some laces/trim in the seams while I pieced the block. Not my usual method but I gave it a try. I can't wait for lesson 2 to see where this block is headed!

1 comment:

abeautifulcraft said...

Karen your block loooks fantastic, love the colours. I haven't even started mine as yet ...