Friday, February 10, 2006

I guess it had to happen one day and it did! What you ask! My home computer has crashed. Now I'm fighting daily to get online so posting to my blog has been tough.

I'm working on some projects and I'll try to post some pictures this weekend. I hate that I lost all my saved emails, my favorite sites to visit and addresses of friends. I had a lot of stuff backed up but I'm only beginning to see how much I didn't have backed up. Computers! I love to hate them right now!


abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Karen, you are missed! Am sorry to hear about your computer, been there and done that a few times now. Sad when you loose so much. I made a pact with myself to save once a month now, it does help when things go wrong... but you still loose stuff.
Will be good to have you back online

Judy Morphis said...

Ouch Karen. That hurts. Hope everything is up and going for you again soon.